Using advanced technology first developed to allow plastic surgeons to show patients what they could look like, ILLUSIO™ has launched a patient specific app to allow patients to do the same thing.

See What You Could Look Like Before Having Surgery

Features for Patients

Find out what we have to offer you! Enjoy our app in different ways that can serve you.

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Your Virtual Mirror

ILLUSIO™ uses the latest in augmented reality technology to offer you an accurate picture of what your body could look like after breast augmentation surgery. You no longer need to worry that you may be disappointed with the outcome of your surgery. ILLUSIO™ takes the guessing out of the process to allow you to decide with confidence what surgery is right for you.

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See Your Future Self

With ILLUSIO™, you now have the opportunity to work with your surgeon to evaluate each option on your own body. Move side-to-side and see how your virtual breasts move with you. You’ll be able to see your whole face and body in the image to determine which option fits your body the best.

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Share With Your Friends

By using connectors to most social media platforms, ILLUSIO™ allows patients to post their Virtual profiles directly to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Share your images with your friends and feel free to seek out their opinion before deciding on Breast Augmentation Surgery!

Video Testimonials

MENTOR® Visualizer powered by ILLUSIO™

Part One of your visual breast augmentation experience.

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Understanding Breast Augmentation

In coordination with Mentor Worldwide LLC, we have created a visual experience for patients to educate themselves about breast augmenation. Customize your Patient Journey and learn about incision site, implants and their placement, all to provide a complete understanding.

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The Patient Visualizer

As a part of Mentor's Patient Journey, ILLUSIO™ has created the Mentor Visualizer Powered by ILLUSIO™. With MVPI, consumers are provided with a Virtual Experience in Breast Augmentation Surgery. By uploading selfies or using some of the template images, users are able to take an animated breast modela and see how different breast sizes would look on them or one of template models.

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Patient Journey Dashboard

As a part of the Patient Journey via Mentor Worldwide and ILLUSIO™, consumers are able to save images they have created on the MVPI, and compare them against Mentor's patient database of before and after pictures. Additionally, based on location of the user the dashboard offers access to our Mentor Surgeons in their area that can take them through the final step of our Visualization Experience.

Check out the Mentor Patient Journey