The Mentor Visualizer, Powered by ILLUSIO

The Mentor Visualizer, Powered by ILLUSIO (MVPI), was developed by a strategic partnership between Mentor Worldwide and ILLUSIO INC. The tool allows you to upload selfies or use one of our model templates and play with the breast overlays that we provide. Of course, they are designed breast models and do not represent your actual breasts.

This advanced tool represents the first step in getting a breast augmentation. With the tool, you can “play” with different breast profiles to see what you could look like with different sizes and shapes of breasts.

The real value in this process is if your surgeon uses the ILLUSIO Professional App during your breast augmentation consultation. With it, they will take a 3D scan of your breasts during your consultation and demonstrate on your body what your actual breasts could look like after the procedure. By doing so, you will see that your surgeons understand your expectations for breast augmentation surgery.

All you need to do is ask if they are using the ILLUSIO Breast Visualization system when you book your consultation!

The Patient Journey

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