Cutting-edge app uses augmented reality to make boobs bigger (NSFW)

The future of plastic surgery has never looked so bright. There’s now an innovative app that uses augmented reality to help potential breast enlargement patients get a better picture of how their body would look once they’ve undergone the cosmetic procedure.

Illusio is an augmented reality “3D Virtual Mirror” that renders computer-generated 3D breast models and superimposes them over the patient’s actual body in real-time, making it easy for plastic surgery candidates to select the most fitting size and shape for their implants and avoid the need for corrective procedures.

The app also features a detailed user interface with various adjustable procedure options which makes it possible to quickly and effortlessly modify the digital breast models in real-time.




To accomplish this, the cutting-edge imaging system uses a proprietary elastic band and tracking marker which patients wear around the chest. Here’s how Illusio explains the technology:

[The system] place[s] the virtual breasts directly on the patient.  With this technology, when the woman turns side-to-side and moves closer or further from the [camera], the virtual breasts stay right where they’re suppose to…moving with her.




Illusio is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but the company claims it has already tested the technology on over 300 breast implant patients – and with “remarkable” results too.

In addition to real-life testing with medical professionals, Illusio has also showcased its augmented reality app at several plastic surgery expos. It also made a short appearance on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero to demonstrate how the imaging system works.


Brian Ross