The Top Techie Breast Investments That Offer The Best Return (And Cleavage)

Hugh Hefner’s current wifey recently had her breast implants removed, saying they ‘poisoned her.’ She says she’ll never get implants again. But she’s in the minority as implants continue to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures globally, with 297,297 breast augmentations taking place in America in 2015, according to the International Society of Plastic Surgeons.


If you factor in all the other breast related surgeries as well, from uplifts, to reconstructions, the number of operations rises to 627,165.

Bigger busts are in demand, and this has led to large profits in an industry that generally requires cash upfront (elective surgeries are rarely covered by insurance). And cosmetic surgery is an incredibly lucrative business, making an estimated $20 billion a year — predicted to rise to $27 billion by 2019.

This has inspired a number of innovators to create new and interesting products to cater to demand — and to boost their profits.

Here are seven of the most interesting companies to have on your radar.


Brian Ross