Augmented Reality Tech to Help Size Up Breast Implants

A company called Illusio (San Clemente, CA) is now using augmented reality technology to help size up breast implants, themselves a form of reality augmentation. Illusio built an iPad app that captures video of a patient while she’s wearing a specially colored bra and immediately superimposes computer-generated breasts over the bra. Various size breasts can be tried and if the iPad is turned toward the patient, it can be used as a virtual mirror to try what breasts different size implants will result in.


The goal is to reduce anxiety and have patients be more confident with their decisions since the final result should be very similar to what the app predicts.

The process takes little time besides launching the app and having the patient put on the special bra. From there on the surgeon can directly discuss the goals, expectations, and what are the next steps.

Link: Illusio Augmented Reality Technology…


Brian Ross