App makes boobs look bigger so women can tell what they will look like before surgery

A new app shows pre-op boob job patients see what their enlarged breasts will look like before going under the knife.

The ‘augmented reality’ program creates 3D boobs and superimposes them over the woman’s body, helping them pick out the most fitting size and shape for their implants.

Patients can move side to side and see on a big screen what their new breasts would look like from every angle, while the surgeon changes the virtual boobs on a hand-held tablet.


Patients can see what their new breasts will look like on a large screen – changing the shape and size until they find the perfect pair


A digital 3D image of the breasts is created by the innovative technology 


Illusio was designed to allow women to make a better judgement on how big they want their new chest to look like – avoiding disappointment and expensive and traumatic corrective ops.

The app has a number of options, including one allowing the digital breasts to adjusted in real-time as the patient inspects the moving image of herself with her proposed implants.


The woman wears a special band around her breasts which tracks her movement, allowing the patient to see her new boobs from every angle


Brian Ross