Why Choose Us?

Using a simple iPad device, your plastic surgeon will photograph your body and the platform will transform it into a three-dimensional image in under two minutes. Using this 3D image, you and your surgeon will be able to make real-time changes to your body on the screen so you can decide on your preferred breast size, roundness, sag and lift and cleavage. Many patients say they are more confident about their decision to have surgery after seeing the possible results on screen.

Surgeons using the top breast implants are also using ILLUSIO™ technology. You can find a directory of surgeons in your local area here.

Absolutely! Simply browse to BreastImplantsbyMentor.com and run through their Patient Journey. This tool is a free service for women where they can upload a picture and superimpose ILLUSIO’s proprietary breast models on their picture and change the size and shape of the breasts in order to actually see what they could look like with breast implants.

Getting a second opinion from a trusted friend or family member can be an important part of your decision-making. Once you have created your preferred images, you can screenshot and send them to others, or you can use the app’s ‘save image’ option to store your images for future sharing.

ILLUSIO™ PRO is very user-friendly and your surgeon and his or her staff will know how it works and how to interpret the results to get the best possible aesthetic outcome from your breast enhancement surgery.

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ILLUSIO™ PRO is used by surgeons who work with the top breast implant manufacturers in the world. For a directory of surgeons in your local area, please enter your zip code here.

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