A “Virtual Mirror” that takes the guesswork out of breast augmentation.

The decision to go ahead with plastic surgery requires careful consideration and yet many patients enter into it not fully knowing what the result will be. Patient confidence and satisfaction are increased and importantly, the rate of procedure reversal or re-operation could be reduced with the use of ILLUSIO™ PRO.

ILLUSIO™ PRO has been designed to make these big decisions exciting, allowing patients to have fun with their image at home, and to be guided visually by their plastic surgeon during consultations.

How it works

Its beauty is in its simplicity. The ILLUSIO™ platform is highly engineered behind the scenes, but features a simple user interface and answers a simple question: how will my body look after breast augmentation? The result is this “Virtual Mirror” that plastic surgeons can hold up to patients, manipulating it in real-time according to that patient’s preferences and how they see themselves on the screen with their new breasts.

A surgeon or surgical professional uses an iPad to take an image of the patient’s upper body and in under two minutes, ILLUSIO™ PRO transforms that image into a 3D rendering. Surgeons use this as a tool to facilitate a visual discussion about possible surgical options for the patient’s unique anatomy, showing the patient what these options would look like post-surgery. The image can turn side to side to show multiple angles of these virtual breasts, and size, roundness, sag, and lift and cleavage can all be edited in real-time.

ILLUSIO™ is free for patients, so they can take their images home, or create new ones on their smartphone, to show trusted family or friends who may be helping them to make their decisions about breast augmentation.

Partnership with Mentor Worldwide LLC

ILLUSIO™ has partnered with the number one breast implant manufacturer and distributor in the world, Mentor, a Johnson & Johnson Company. This partnership is targeted at the needs of both patients who are seeking more information about breast implants and the plastic surgeons who perform these procedures. On www.BreastImplantsByMentor.com a women can experience what they would look like with breast implants by using the Mentor Visualizer Powered by ILLUSIO™ .

While the visualizer gives a glimpse into the possibilities of surgery, the ILLUSIO™ Professional Application is a complete 3D Augmented Reality experience where women can look into a Virtual Mirror and see ALL of the possibilities of breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift.

This breast simulation process can be found at an ILLUSIO™ -licensed plastic surgeon.

With this incredible realistic visualization process, women can turn side-to-side as their surgeons alter their breasts to find the perfect fit for each unique body.

The most important reason for seeing a plastic surgeon with the ILLUSIO™ Professional Application is to have a shared visual expectation about surgery. Never again will women and surgeons have different images of what patients want.

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