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With the ILLUSIO Virtual Mirror, surgeons can now show their patients what they can look like and properly manage their expectations.
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ILLUSIO is the world’s most advanced breast visualization platform

• In less than five minutes, surgeons can capture a 3D scan and show their patients all of the possibilities of breast augmentation.

• 9 or of 10 women prefer a plastic surgeon who has the ILLUSIO Virtual Mirror.
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ILLUSIO™ Enables A Better Breast Augmentation Consultation

Our technology transforms a verbal discussion into a visual experience

ILLUSIO™ PRO - 3D Virtual Breast Model System for Surgeons

ILLUSIO™ PRO is a sophisticated and comprehensive breast visualization tool that is simple to use and often decreases the time for a breast augmentation consult. The visualization starts with the patient’s own anatomy which is captured in a 3D scan using an iPad Pro and an attached 3D scanner. ILLUSIO™’s virtual breast is overlaid on the patient’s image and can be manipulated in real-time – breast size and roundness, sag and lift and cleavage – and the image can be moved from side to side to give a full perspective of the patient’s potential future look.

3D Breast Simulation

The ILLUSIO™ Imaging System provides a  3D simulation for breast augmentation patients, allowing them to visualize their potential future look during a consultation with their plastic surgeon.

Real Time Changes

ILLUSIO ™ PRO allows plastic surgeons to make quick, real-time changes to the size and shape of the virtual breast model. This allows for a fluid conversation between surgeon and patient about how different sizes can affect the overall look.                                        w

Shared Expectations

ILLUSIO™ PRO provides a platform for both patient and surgeon to have common expectations about a surgical outcome. While patients have a certain expectation coming into a surgical consult, ILLUSIO™ PRO provides a tool to allow for a virtual conversation.

Secure and Private

ILLUSIO™ PRO offers a HIPAA secured web portal that allows patients to view their snapshots in the privacy of their own home. This allows them to confer with their family and friends about their upcoming procedure.

ILLUSIO™ and Mentor Worldwide LLC, have partnered to create the Mentor Visualizer Powered by ILLUSIO™. This tool is a free service for women where they can upload a picture and superimpose ILLUSIO’s proprietary breast models on their picture and change the size and shape of the breasts in order to actually see what they could look like with breast implants.

Start Shaping Your Future Now – Discover what’s possible by starting your journey with Mentor. You’ll view real results, virtually try on different looks, explore product choices, and find local surgeons. At the end, you’ll have a personalized portfolio to show your doctor.

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