Augmented Reality Technology

Illusio’s augmented reality software combines a fluid and lifelike 3D virtual image and our surgeon’s actual patient to transform an iPad into a virtual mirror. Our proprietary artistic adapters and deformers allow surgeons to easily manipulate our virtual models to quickly replicate any real life body characteristics. Today, we are helping our client surgeons with an imaging system for breast augmentation surgery. In the coming years we will adapt our system to be used in other cosmetic procedures from tummy tucks to face-lifts.

Augmented Reality Technology

Simple to install and with an intuitive user interface, patient coordinators and surgeons can easily adjust the settings to match the specific measurements and specifications of each patient. With a unique login, you can save these results in patient folders on our safe and private system for easy access. Patients can later retrieve and review their own results in the comfort of their own homes. Illusio has rapidly increased consultation conversion rates and patient satisfaction, helping surgeons across the country close more business and avoid costly revisions.

Amazing Results

“Illusio was great because for the first time I was able to see what I could actually look like after surgery. I’m such a visual person so being able to see myself made me much more confident in my decision to have surgery.”

Stunningly Accurate

“I’ve never seen anything like Illusio and it was so cool! At first I thought I wanted to be a full D cup but after the doctor showed me how that size would cause my breasts to stick out too much past my armpit, I was able to see how that wasn’t the look that I wanted.”


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